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Summer 2023
8th grade students and parents who are interested in registering for Summer School need to complete the Request for Summer School Form no later than May 25th. Be sure to use a personal email/parent email (not a student user id) so that you receive a copy of your request (check spam if you do not receive as it comes from Google). 
Please see the document linked below for a Summary of Summer School dates, times and location which should answer most Frequently Asked Questions. If you have additional questions, please reach out to your School Counselor and/or Mrs. Summers, our Guidance Tech.

9th Grade Registration

Tesoro High School Student Presentation for 8th graders - Wednesday, January 25, 2023.
The Tesoro High School guidance department will be at Las Flores MS to present 8th graders with elective information for high school and  answer questions during their Social Science class periods.  Information on how to register has or will be sent home via mail to all students whose home school is Tesoro High School.  
Tesoro will be presenting a 8th Grade Information Night and Showcase event on Monday, January 30, 2023 from 5 - 7:45 pm for incoming 9th Grade students and families. The schedule for the evening is as follows:
  • 5:00 - 5:45 open house with academic departments on the main campus
    • Maps and guided tours provided by ASB and IMPACT student programs. Tours start in front of the gym if desired.
  • 6:00 - 6:45 Presentation by administration at the school stadium
    • Topics to include transition to high school, how to register for classes, placement guidelines and campus life including introduction to clubs.
  • 6:45 - 7:45 Titan Showcase on the football field with athletic programs and other student organizations to answer questions about sport tryouts, music auditions, club activities, and how to get involved at Tesoro.
    • School counselors will also be available to answer general questions about registration and course selection.
  • For more information, please check the Tesoro Guidance webpage designed specifically for current 8th graders.  The Parent Portal for THS will be open from February 6-20th.
Parents of students from Tesoro feeder schools or interested in attending Tesoro through School of Choice are invited to attend.


Most high schools will be using an electronic registration process for high school.   Students who will be attending Tesoro High School will use the Student Portal this year to register student electives and courses.  This will be similar to how Las Flores holds elective registration.  
Students need to make sure they set up a Student Portal account to register their classes by the due date on the class schedule form provided during Tesoro's student visit. Tesoro's elective registration will open on February 6th; changes can be made on the Parent Portal through February 20th. After Feburary 20th, you will need to email your School Counselor or Guidance Tech.
To set up at Student Portal account, please follow the instructions below.
NOTE:  A student portal account is DIFFERENT than a parent portal account.
Here is how to register:  You will need your seven digit student ID, your home phone number on file in Aeries, and the student verification code.  If you do not know your student verification code, please call your current school to request it.


Students may challenge their placement in any course if they do not meet the specified placement criteria by completing the Course Waiver Form and arranging a meeting with their High School Academic Advisor or Assistant Principal during summer registration.
Below are the CUSD placement guidelines. Course offerings differ at each high school site and not all courses may be offered at your home school.
High School Placement Guidelines
Honors English I - Students in English 8 Accelerated who maintain a four quarter 3.5 GPA  or students in English 8 with a four quarter 4.0 GPA will qualify for Honors English I.  All other students shall be placed in English I.

AP Human Geography (formerly Honors World History) - Students who qualify for Honors English I qualify for placement in this course.  Students may select this as an additional elective. 

This class is designed to prepare students for the rigors of AP classes their Sophomore Year.  9th Grade Students registering for and completing this course will automatically be enrolled in AP Euro or AP World History in 10th Grade).
AP World History -   Concurrent enrollment in Honors English 1.
AP Human Geography -   Concurrent enrollment in Honors English 1.

Astronomy - Students who do not pass Science 8 may be placed in this course.  This course meets CUSD graduation requirements only but is a non college prep course that does not meet the A-G requirements for college admissions.


Biology - All freshman shall be enrolled in this course.
Honors Biology  -  Students in achieve both an A or B in 8th grade Algebra or higher and A in 8th grade Science  and an A or B in 8th grade English Acc or A in 8th grade English**  All other students with a passing grade in Science 8 (A, B, C, or D) shall be placed in Biology.
**Subject to change.
AP Biology - *9th grade enrollment may be possible; contact Assistant Principal of Guidance.

Physical Education - All 9th grade students must be enrolled in a full year of PE Activities or sport. Students will not be placed into 'tryout sports' until tryouts are completed and lists provided by respective sport coaches.


CCP/Health - One semester of each course shall be taken by all freshmen.  Students with impacted schedules may qualify however, to take health during the summer and/or there may be options to take health after school hours (or during lunch) during the school year following their freshman year.

Honors Algebra II/Trigonometry - Current eighth grade students in Geometry who meet the placement criteria shall be placed into this course.  Those not meeting the placement criteria shall be placed into Geometry. See CUSD Math Department webpage for placement criteria.


Geometry - Current eighth grade students in Algebra I who meet who meet the placement criteria shall be placed into this course.  Those not meeting the placement criteria shall be placed into Algebra I. See CUSD Math Department webpage for placement criteria. into Algebra I.
Algebra I - All students currently in Math 8 and current eighth grade Algebra I students not meeting the placement criteria for Geometry shall be placed in this course.
Guidelines for summer math courses for acceleration purposes:
Since Algebra 1 is a graduation requirement,  students will not be allowed to take Algebra 1 over the summer for acceleration purposes.
Although not recommended, current Grade 8 or higher Algebra 1 students are allowed to take a two-semester/one-year Geometry course over the summer for accelerated purposes at any WASC-accredited school including Pacific Coast High School (PCHS), or at BYU or the University of Missouri (this option is not available for current Grade 7 Algebra 1 students).  See the document attached in the Elective Locker regarding pre-approved Geometry courses at PCHS, University of Missouri, and BYU.
Although not recommended, current Grade 9-11 Geometry students are allowed to take a two-semester/one-year Algebra 2 course over the summer for acceleration purposes at any WASC-accredited school.  This option is not available for current Grade 8 Geometry students.  Students who take this course would qualify to enroll in Precalculus (regular), but not Honors Precalculus.
Although not recommended, current Grade 9-11 Algebra 2/Trig (acc) students are allowed to take the Math 2 course over the summer at Saddleback College.  Students who take this course would qualify to enroll in AP Calculus AB, but not AP Calculus BC.  (Note:  Students would need to follow Saddleback College’s policies for math placement at the college.)
Other requests for summer acceleration courses will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  Please see the CUSD Math department webpage for more information. 
Students will need to provide their high school counselor with transcripts that they have passed both semesters of the summer course they took PRIOR to the start of the school year in order to be transferred to the next higher math course.
Also, please note the following regarding PCHS mathematics courses:
PCHS Trigonometry does not equate to any CUSD courses.  Students should not sign up for any PCHS Trigonometry course.  PCHS Algebra 2 will not replace grade in CUSD Algebra 2/Trig (acc). PCHS Pre-calculus will not replace grade in CUSD Honors Precalculus. 
Foreign Language Placement Test
Entering freshman who want to place into a higher level foreign language class in German, French or Spanish should contact the language department at their high schoool for information regarding a placement test.
NOTE: You do not need to take a placement test for Spanish 2 if you have successfully completed Spanish 1 or Spanish 1a and 1b at Las Flores.
For further Information on High School courses offered at CUSD High Schools refer to the  CUSD High School Course Catalog.