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Frequently Asked Questions



For rising 9th graders, what does it mean to have an 'impacted schedule'?
All freshman students must take 6 classes and are pre-enrolled in English, Math, Science, PE, and CCP/Health.  The 6th class is their elective choice.  There are students who would like to take two electives often one including a foreign language and the other an elective such as World History Honors, a music elective, drama, or ASB.  There are limited classes available for zero period for freshmen limiting the ability for freshmen to take two electives and complete CCP/Health.  This is an 'impacted schedule'.  There may also be priority on the type of impacted schedule.  For example a student desiring two academic electives (i.e. world history and a foreign language) will be more impacted than a student who wants to take music and drama. 
My child turned their application for summer school in the first day it was due but didn't get accepted.  His best friend however turned his in three weeks later and was accepted.  Why didn't my child get in? 
A student with an impacted schedule will take priority for summer school seats over students without an impacted schedule.  Additionally, a student with two academic electives such as world history/foreign language will take priority for summer school seats over a student who has signed up to take two 'non-academic' electives such as drama and ASB.  Students with the same course load however would be sorted according to the first come, first serve spaces available within each level of 'impact'.  Those without impacted schedules will be filled after all impacted schedules if there is still space available. 
My child is a GATE student but did not get placed in any honors courses, why?
Gate does not apply to high school.  Criteria for honors placement is based on performance in middle school.  Please see the course placement criteria located on the 9th Grade Registration section of this page.
For more Frequently Asked Questions for entering Freshman, please see the document in the locker 'Frequently Asked Questions for Rising Freshmen'.


May 7th graders take two electives if they apply and are accepted to ASB, Yearbook or PAL?
No, if a 7th grade student is accepted into either the ASB, Yearbook or PAL classes any of these will replace their elective period.
May my 8th grader take a zero period and get out after 5th period?
No, CUSD no longer allows middle school students to leave early with the exception of students who are qualified for Independent PE.  Only students who wish to take two electives will be eligible for zero period.
How do I add my first and second choice electives on the portal?
On the portal, you will select your first choice 'primary' elective and click 'Ok'.  Once you add this selection, you will see 'add alternate' next to it.  Add your second choice here by clicking 'add alternate' (line will then highlight in yellow and show 'cancel'; ignore the 'cancel' and to the right of the screen and choose your second choice elective and click 'Ok'.  This completes your elective choices as only two may be added unless you choose a 'zero period' as an 8th grader. 
I can't find any courses to select on the portal?  There are no courses in the 'drop-down' section.
You should click on 'search' on the far right of the screen next to the 'courses' area.  The electives will then drop down below into the white area for you to select from.
How do I select zero period on the portal?
Incoming 8th grade students may select '0 Pd' as one of your elective choices Code #7976.  Once you add this selection, you will see 'add alternate' next to it.  Add your 2nd choice in the alternate space.  You will then need to add another selection for your 1st choice elective.  Choose your 1st choice for your second selection and then place your 3rd choice as the alternate for that selection.  Do not add any additional choices.
The elective form asks for five choices but says to only make two choices on the portal.  The portal will allow me to add all five choices so shouldn't I just put them all on the portal?
No, please do not make more than one primary elective choice with the exception of an 8th grader choosing 'zero period' as an additional primary choice.  Your 2nd choice elective should only be shown in the 'add alternate' section next to your first choice.  If you add more than one primary choice there is no way for our advisors to know the order of your choices on the portal and your child may not receive his/her first or second choice elective.
If my child elects to take Spanish 1A in 7th grade, is s/he required to take Spanish 1B in 8th grade?
Spanish 1A is the first half of Spanish 1.  For a student to receive a full year credit for Spanish 1 toward college A-G requirements, s/he must also take Spanish 1B in 8th grade.  If a student has a poor grade in Spanish 1A however, s/he may choose to take Spanish 1 as an 8th grader instead of Spanish 1B in order to improve the overall Spanish grade.  The first semester of Spanish 1 is the equivalent of Spanish 1A while the second half is the equivalent of Spanish 1B.  The high school requires a 'B' average in Spanish 1 in order to be placed into Spanish 2 as a Freshman.
Does Spanish 1A/1B or Spanish 1 count toward high school?  How is it shown on the student's transcript?
Spanish 1A/1B and/or Spanish 1 is a high school level course.  The student's high school transcript will show this course (as well as any high school level math course taken in middle school such as Algebra or Geometry) on the student's transcript and will also show 'Las Flores Middle School' and the school year it was taken.  The course will meet one year of the college A-G requirement for college admissions but it will not count toward the student's 220 high school credits needed to graduate.  It gives the student the opportunity however to enroll in a higher level foreign language course (Spanish 2) as a freshmen and complete the two-year A-G requirement toward college admissions earlier.  It also frees up a class period during the student's four-year high school plan to take another course of their choice such as another elective or an extra year of science, math, or social science including psychology, environmental science, AP courses, etc.
I am interested in being on the video production team (BNN) and ASB.  Can I apply to both?
Students may apply to all application electives ASB, Yearbook, and PAL (as a 7th grader) as well as BNN, and School Services (as an 8th grader) but you may only be enrolled in one of these electives.  You will eventually need to choose which application elective you prefer as you go through the application process.  This allows more students to be involved in our school activities.
I am applying to Yearbook but would also like to be an office aide.  Can I apply to both?
Yes, you may apply to school service in addition to any one of the other four application electives; however, it will be assumed that your first choice is BNN, Yearbook, ASB or PAL if you are selected and your application to school service would then be withdrawn.  If you are not selected for your first choice application elective (BNN, Yearbook, ASB or PAL) then you will be considered equally for the school office aide.
I can't seem to find where to select the course requests on the Parent Portal?
You will need to select your student first where it says "change student" to access the course request for next year. Please be aware that the Parent Portal for course requests will close on March 10th for incoming 6th graders and on March 22nd for current 6th/7th graders and will not be available after this date.


My child applied for School of Choice.  I'm afraid the courses will be full before we find out if we are approved.  How do I enroll them in an elective?  
You may use the link for the elective registration form included in the Quick Links section of the Enrollment and Elective Registration webpage and complete the form. Once we receive confirmation of a student's approval for School of Choice, we will use your submission to enter your child's preference(s).  
Student course selections will not be finalized until shortly before the summer registration date.  Current course requests are used to assist us in building the Master Schedule so we may hopefully be able to provide enough space in classes desired by our students if staffing is available.  Current offerings are subject to change based on our staffing availability and the demand for courses by students.
My child is currently in an advanced math course.  How do I assure they are placed into the appropriate math course?
If you are coming from outside CUSD, you must contact the CUSD Math department to arrange to take a math placement test at the district office.  The dates for math placement testing is on the New and Incoming Students page as well as on the district Mathematics Program district webpage.
If you are transferring from another CUSD middle school, your school counselor will coordinate with your prior school to determine if you have met the CUSD criteria for placement into the accelerated course. The CUSD math district placement criteria is the same at all CUSD schools.  A copy of the placement criteria letters are in the Academics Math tab of this website.
All incoming 6th graders will be given the spring iReady assessment in math and reading at all CUSD elementary schools during May.  Test results and placement will be shared with parents in late June.  The iReady score will be used to determine math placement for all incoming 6th grade students.
All new students are given one opportunity to retake a placement test within specific guidelines given by the district. Please refer to the district website Math Department page for more information.
My child is GATE identified at their current school.  How do I assure they are placed into accelerated classes?
Please provide a copy of your child's GATE identification letter from your prior school as well as a copy of their test scores used to identify them to your school counselor.  These will be shared with the CUSD GATE office to determine if you meet the CUSD GATE identification criteria.  If you meet the CUSD GATE identification criteria, your child will be placed into the accelerated classes as in incoming 6th grader.  New incoming 7th or 8th graders will also need to provide a copy of their current transcripts to determine if your grades in accelerated classes have met any performance based criteria for placement into CUSD accelerated classes.
My child suffers from anxiety and I am worried about the transition to a new school.  What can I do to help make this transition easier for my child?
Depending on the cause of the anxiety, there are several options for a parent to help their child with this transition.  The school has a full-time counselor available for students to help with a variety of concerns including separation anxiety, social skills and fear of not knowing anyone.  A student or parent may also meet with their school counselor to discuss their academic plan if concerns are related to academics or placement in classes. The school has a new student WEB orientation day the week prior to school beginning for all incoming 6th graders and new 7th/8th graders.  This orientation helps students meet others before the first day of school as well as informs students about what to expect at LFMS including help with opening lockers, finding their classrooms, etc.