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Conflict Mediation

Conflict happens between peers often, it is something you will learn to navigate throughout middle school and into adulthood.
Conflict mediation is the chance to sit down and talk about the issue you and another student are having without all the extra eyes of rest of the student population looking at you. Conflict Mediations are confidential and supervised by the School Counselor/School Counselor Intern. There are a few rules students must agree to before a conflict mediation can take place:
  • Both students must be willing to participate. If one student is not comfortable with the idea of sitting down and talking it out, a conflict mediation cannot take place.
  • Each student is allowed to talk without interruptions.
  • No name calling, put downs, or blaming of the other student. This is about how you feel about what's going on, not a time to point fingers.
  • Everything discussed in mediation stays confidential
  • After mediation is complete, the issue is dropped and no longer brought up again outside of the counseling office. Conflict is like wildfire, the more you fan the fire by talking about it, the bigger the issue can become. 
If you are interested in having a conflict mediation with another student, please fill out a student counseling referral form in the main office.