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LFMS Fundraisers

Shop ~ LFMS gets paid!!!
  • Click the website below to access.     
  • LFMS gets .5% of sales!
Tell a neighbor and shop online wwith!! 


Please take the time to look over the link and shop.  eScrip is changing the way schools can earn money and this is another opportunity for LFMS to raise money. You're ONE CLICK away from supporting Las Flores Middle School PTA!
  • The online shopping you do is the ticket. It's easy!
  • No cards to register and it can mean hundreds of dollars to us.
  • Click this link: LFMS eScript and check it out. 

Marquee Shout-outs On Sale Year-Round!
Download an order form from the Quick Links box or pick one up in the office.  Messages must be approved by an administrator and will run for one week at a time.  Don't miss out on this fun way to say happy birthday, congratulations, or simply hello to your family or friends.