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FAQ's for Summer

How to request a grade change? Please e-mail teachers directly with any grade concerns.
When do report cards arrive? All Report cards are now posted online on the Parent Portal unless a waiver for a Paper copy has been submitted.  Paper copies should arrive approximately the first week of July.
When do SBAC (formally STAR/CST) scores come out? SBAC (STAR/CST) scores should arrive approximately the first week of August.  
How to resolve library and textbook issues? Please e-mail Annette Auriemma directly at
Students who missed orientation– You may visit the office for make-up registration any day following registration dates.  
How to get an enrollment packet? Packets are available in the front office during office hours.  You may also pick up a packet in front of the office after hours.  If you have questions, please call LFMS at 949-589-6543 and ask to speak with Angela Danna.
Can I change my elective?  Please e-mail your Academic Advisor.  Depending on how early you notifiy us, we will do our best to make a change. Changes after registration are less likely to be able to accommodate.
I don't want a zero period any longer but requested one, what can I do?  Please e-mail your Academic Advisor.  We will work with you to try to revise your schedule for zero period.  The Master Schedule is built based on the number of requests for zero period, however so it is possible a change may not be possible or it may change your entire schedule. It is easier to accommodate dropping zero period prior to registration so if you've had a change of plans during the summer, please email your academic advisor as early as possible. 
How do I apply for Independent PE (IPE)? Information and applications for IPE is available on the district website Parent page. The deadline to submit applications to your school for Fall semester is generally 2-3 weeks prior to the beginning of the semester.  Applications are usually due about three weeks before school begins. Late applications will not be accepted.
How to get supply lists? Suggested student supply list will be included in the summer packet and also available on the LFMS website.