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Principal's Message

Dear Las Flores K8 Families,
Education is a journey, and we firmly believe that with the uniting of our elementary and middle school, we can create a pathway for our students to continue their academic and personal growth in a supportive and familiar environment. This partnership will not only benefit our students but will also strengthen the bond between our schools, creating a united front to provide the best possible education for all our children.
Starting in this upcoming academic year, our teachers will be working closely together, sharing resources, expertise, and ideas to enhance the educational opportunities available to your children. This collaboration will ensure a smooth transition from elementary to middle school, providing continuity in learning and extracurricular activities.
For families with children currently attending Las FloresK8,, rest assured that we will prioritize the emotional and academic well-being of our students throughout this exciting transition. We understand that change can be both exciting and challenging, and we are committed to supporting each student during this time.
Families with children enrolling in Las Flores K8 for the first time will now have the added advantage of knowing that their child's educational journey continues seamlessly through middle school, fostering a sense of belonging and confidence from the beginning.
Our collaboration will bring new opportunities for extracurricular activities, joint events, and shared experiences, further enriching the lives of our students and creating lasting memories.
In the coming weeks we will keep you informed about any developments and upcoming events through our newsletters and school websites.
On behalf of the entire staff at Las Flores K8, I extend a warm welcome to all our families as we embark on this new journey together. Together, we will create a nurturing and stimulating environment where our students can thrive, learn, and grow.
Thank you for your continued support and trust in us as we strive to provide the best possible education for your children.
With warm regards,
Holly Wiseman, Principal
Las Flores K8